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Florida Shuttle Transportation Reviews

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  • Florida Shuttle Transportation still exists? How?

    Well I don't even know where to start. First, me and 4 more people were waiting for a bus and what arrived was a normal car that did not had the name of the company anywhere. Second the guy called Pete arrived 20 minutes late and worst they told us to be there 15 minutes before so we were waiting for more than half an hour for this "car". Of course we already tried to call the company but nobody answered the calls. Third all the people that were waiting for the shuttle were going to different places and this guy did not left anywhere where they needed to go. He stopped the... More...
  • Florida Shuttle a frustrating let down.

    We were booked for 2pm, only to get a text late the previous night to say new time 8am and no other options. Had booked from Cocoa Beach to Miami. The first driver said he would transport part of the way and hand on to new driver. He then insisted we pay an extra $30 for baggage despite U.S. Only havin tow bags each, website says 2 free bags. 2nd driver dropped us at Fort Lauderdale airport and told us to wait for the next driver, as he had another pick up. We waited 90 minutes in the hot sun and then called company before we were picked up. I always try to work out with the company before... More...
    Nevillejoanne's Picture   Nevillejoanne    0 Comments   Comments
  • Florida shuttle is a good option

    It is a good option to use their services as they are pretty much on time. The driver was very friendly when I had a ride with one of their shuttle van. Efficient support over the phone that gives you the most information you do need. I was asked by the driver about my itinerary which I never able to print that out and I got worried whether he allowed me to get inside the shuttle or not, but he accepted the email I showed him on my i-phone and let me have a seat. Just a little unhappy moment I had was few stops on the way for other people. Anyhow, I liked their services and would recommend... More...
    RickMJones's Picture   RickMJones    0 Comments   Comments
  • Florida Shuttle made my day!

    I landed at the airport in Miami at around 21.30 and had a very important business meeting in Orlando the next day at 2 pm. As decided i expected to have a transportation from a company i forgot the name in actual. I was left stranded at the pick up spot and nobody showed up, then i started searching for a company that could took me to my final destination on time. I found Florida shuttle transportation on my safari and i called at the help desk. He was an efficient rep I must say and put me on hold for few minutes to check the availability and finally came up with a positive result. I made... More...
    brucelavigne's Picture   brucelavigne    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refund

    Pre-paid for transfer, received written confirmation below, but at time of departure they advised that they WILL NOT provide pick-up in Orlando. It was too late to get to their office before shuttle left. No response to my request for the $83 refund. Left us high and dry. > Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2015 08:21:48 -0500 > From: reservations@floridashuttletransportation.com > To: XXX@hotmail.com > Subject: Re: Travel itinerary information 19898 > > Hello Ms. XXX, > > Thank you for your reservation! > > We do apologize. Door to Door service is only... More...
  • This is a scam - DO NOT CALL

    Can I give "0"stars?? What a nightmare. This is a scam. DO NOT CALL. I received a confirmation for my transfer from Orlando to Vero Beach, I paid additional for door to door pick up at both ends. At the appointed pick up hour, the driver called and said that they would not pick up at the agreed (in writing) location. We were stranded in Orlando and had to pay $250 to get to Vero, already packed and checked out of the hotel. There was NO reasoning with them that we had a confirmation and WERE CHARGED for door to door. Verbally I was told they will NOT refund my money, because... More...
    LaurieR's Picture   LaurieR    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never use them! Unreliable!

    I would NEVER recommend this Company to anyone! They are totally unreliable! Their customer service is unbelievable! They are extremely good at taking your money and then they don't provide the service you've paid for! I am still waiting 3 months for my $55 refund as they didn't turn up! It was a trip from Bradenton to Orlando. I spoke to them the previous day on the phone and they were so convincing! My son-in-law almost missed his flight because of them! More...
    Alkarley's Picture   Alkarley    0 Comments   Comments
  • Florida Shuttle Transportation - DO NOT USE.....!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We booked the Miami to Kissimmee 6pm shuttle for June 4th, and booked in 2 months in advance. We arrived 30minutes before pick-up and called to let them know we were ready for collection as stated on the booking confirmation. When it hadn't arrived by 6.20pm we called to be told it was running late. By 7pm it still hadn't arrived so called again only to be told we should have received an email telling us it was cancelled. Guess what? Yes no email had been sent. We were asked to catch the next one at 6am the following morning which meant we had to pay for a hotel for an extra... More...
    Yatesy's Picture   Yatesy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Florida Shuttle tried to rip me off

    To make this review short and simple this company is THE WORST company to EVER travel with. They were unprofessional & disorganized non stop. When I first purchased the trip I saw that it had no return time despite me putting I wanted a round trip so I called the help desk which after being put on hold several times I spoke with someone who barely understood me and who I barely understood myself and they informed me that it was just to leave not come back which left me in shock because I had purchased it 3 days before and they charged me a crazy amount just to leave. After reading all... More...
    abbs's Picture   abbs    1 Comments   Comments
  • Florida Shuttle Not Even American

    I am an ex driver for this company. The drivers dont even get tips, the tips are taken by the crooked Russian owner who may not even be a citizen. This operation is a complete ripoff and God knows what kind of insurance the passengers have if in an accident. Our Russian owner friend could simply just slip back over the border. Stay far away from this company and if you ever tip a company and not the driver who is carrying your bags, holding the door for you, driving you safely to your destination than you are a lemming. Imagine the gall of an owner keeping his own drivers tips? The place... More...
    Chewbacca333's Picture   Chewbacca333    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never showed up

    Not very dependable. I booked a trip for my son to return to his home in Stuart, FL from Orlando. I booked it around 6:00 PM and paid an additional $5 since it was within 24 hours and received a confirmation. The next day we arrived at the pick up point about 20 minutes prior to the pick up time and waited. The shuttle never arrived and the first person that I spoke to had no answers and offered to call me right back, never did. My second call just led to apologies but no solutions other than for a pick up the following morning and could careless that my son had nowhere to stay that night. More...
    rdsteele's Picture   rdsteele    0 Comments   Comments
  • keep it up

    I was from Tampa on Sunday and we have an emergency back in Orlando, therefore I need to go home that instant. I did not know what to do actually, its weekend i was with my friends having a good time, but family is family it should come first. I have tried a lot of transportation company however they have declined me. The last on my list was Florida Shuttle I traveled with them once before but I was not impressed because they almost did not showed up. Since I had an emergency and I really need to go home, I dialed their number hesitantly,at one beep the customer answered my call,a very... More...
    Amanda2013's Picture   Amanda2013    0 Comments   Comments
  • DO NOT USE- Beware

    This has to be the worst company we have ever dealt with. I booked a shuttle from Fort Pierce to Ft. Lauderdale airport for my elderly mother and they never showed up!! I called their customer service office which is one person who assured me the driver will be there in 10 minutes. 2 hours later and numerous calls, the driver never showed up and my 78 year old mom missed her flight. When I called them back to let them know they refused to refund my money, I sent an email as they stated and still no response. People, they are a scam. Save yourselves the headache and find a reputable service.... More...
    Bc33's Picture   Bc33    1 Comments   Comments
  • Still waiting on refund a month after cancelling literally last minute

    They have no sense of urgency to refund our money and still after repeated emails and calls still now refund. As of Monday they were supposed to be "mailing a check" and we still have not received it. This company is a joke. They are rude, uncaring, unreliable, and dishonest. They cancelled by a text message at 6:30 in the morning, 15 minutes before the bus was scheduled to leave..and made a smart a** comment after the cancellation text that we will get refund. Really then where is it at??? They kept saying they sent it through their merchant but it took over a week for them to... More...
    brudd's Picture   brudd    0 Comments   Comments

    I worked for this company 7 months and seen the. Worst service ever. He steals the peoples money without even picking them up. Drivers leaving people every where no insurance on vans tags Expired some of of the drivers are drunk or drugged up. If u need to catch a flight dont use them cause there later 99% of the time. Kids have no car seats. I worked 7 days a week 15 to 17 hours aday and if i asked for a day off he would fire me. When i was pay day we wouldnt get all of our checks just a few. Hundred and beg for the rest. Ive been homeless now cause of this and i worked my butt off for... More...
    ediejones's Picture   ediejones    0 Comments   Comments
  • Florida Express Bus is a scam

    /29/2013 I agree with everyone's review of the The Florida Express Bus company. NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY FOR TRANSPORTATION ANYWHERE. NOT EVEN TO THE CORNER MARKET. THEY ARE VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, UNAPOLOGETIC AND WILL RIP YOU OFF IF YOU LET THEM. I called the Florida Express Bus from Virginia and booked a reservation to be picked up at the DoubleTree by Hilton at Sea World on International Drive for Friday, March 29, 2013. I booked a cruise from Port Everglades in Ft Lauderdale on Saturday, March 30, 2013. Florida Express never showed up after over three hours of waiting. My... More...
    bobbil's Picture   bobbil    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not reliable, unprofessional

    I drove my international guest to the pickup site and no one showed up even though they had called the day before to confirm the pick up time. After calling three different people, they found his reservation but had two different pick up times listed. Finally they sent someone, they arrived two hours late. This is awful as my friend built in 4 hours extra since he was traveling international, and he almost missed his flight. What a scam this company is running. More...
    HoulaHound's Picture   HoulaHound    0 Comments   Comments
  • Left me stranded and could care less

    Booked a private car to drive from Fort Lauderdale airport to West Coast of Florida at night. Gave them my flight information. Flight was late by an hour and company said that driver got tired of waiting and left, and they had no other driver. So, they wished me luck getting to where I was going. Though their policy is to charge the customer the full amount of the car when a plane is delayed because it's not their fault the plane is delayed, they did me a favor by not charging me. More...
    Ken3299's Picture   Ken3299    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Service I have ever had

    They were extremely late for pickup at airport...had 2 empty six packs of beer and a dirty shuttle with no permits...The airport cop told driver was second warning and next time would be $2000 fine to driver and another fine to company...I was just about to rent a car after 2 hrs of waiting and no responses to calls left or messages left at dispatchers...the regular phone number gives no info on whats going on and dispatcher doesn't answer...we then sat around another 45 minutes whilst 3 women without enough money to pay tried to find a ATM that wouldn't deny their card...was one... More...
    culaugh2013's Picture   culaugh2013    0 Comments   Comments
  • Deceptive business practices

    This business website charged my credit card before I knew the exact charges and before I had the option to approve payment. Complaints to the business initially to cancel the reservation resulted in being transferred to several different people, put on hold for long periods, having to explain the problem repeatedly, etc. After the company finally agreed to cancel the reservation made without my consent, they charged me $30 for a "cancellation fee". Attempts to have this fee reimbursed have resulted in them refusing to refund the money. More...
    rguffey's Picture   rguffey    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disaster!!!

    Worse service ever!! We made the reservation close to the time the van was supposed to leave because we were assured they would wait for us. Well, they didn't. When I got a hold of the driver he apologized and said he would personally take care of the refund for us... he didn't. The asked me to send an email which I did... had to follow up after not hearing back for 7 days... now they're saying the reservation is non-refundable. I'm calling my bank to reverse the transaction for services not rendered!!!!! More...
    ihcfromtampa's Picture   ihcfromtampa    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Customer Service

    I arranged ground transportation from Palm Bay , Fla. to the Orlando airport for Sat. dec. 15th and was confirmed to be picked up at 2:45, my reservation # was 8205 . Fortunately the driver who isn't even employed by Florida Ground Trans. called me and told me she would not be able to pick me up 'til 4:00. When I called customer svc and asked what would happen they said "I guess you're gonna miss your flight!" No compensation or anything for this terrible inconvenience!! Don't ever use these guys!!!! More...
    jdekker1's Picture   jdekker1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Refund of ticket

    I reservered seat in shuttle from gainesville to orlando airport, on the day 1hr before depart i was told that shuttle is late by 2hours. I had a flight from airport so couldnt wait and had to take taxi. Person who called me to inform about shuttle told me that my money will be refunded to CCard. But its 3weeks and no money is refunded, whenever i call them there is no response. Please help . My reservation number was 6218 aug 05. More...
  • Don't Ever Depend on Them

    We received notification an hour before scheduled pick up that our friend's shuttle ride was cancelled because the van broke down. We were already on the way to our pickup location. As it turns out, a competitor had a scheduled pickup at the same location and if Florida Shuttle had called a partner and transferred their scheduled pickups, we could have gotten transportation from Fort Pierce to Miami for the same price. Unfortunately, the competitor wouldn't take a last minute reservation and so we couldn't use them. As it was, we were left without a back-up plan at 8 am... More...
    ck25330's Picture   ck25330    0 Comments   Comments

    We booked this service and were told driver would meet us at the baggage claim at appointed time. When we arrived.... no driver. We called dispatch and they told us that we needed to call the driver ourselves - we told them it was their responsibility to find the driver - but we took the number anyway and they told us he would arrive in 15 minutes. After 20 minutes we attempted to call the driver and he said he'd be there in 15-20 minutes and he would call us when he got to the airport. After waiting another 30 minutes with no call from the driver - we attempted to call both... More...
    travelgal1111's Picture   travelgal1111    1 Comments   Comments
  • No Show - they owe me $180!

    I prepaid $180 for a private shuttle for 6 r/t Mia to Fll - they never showed. I cancelled the return but they refuse to credit me. they are liars! They say they called me but my phone records PROVE that they did not. I called them 10 times and got no answer from dispatch and their 1 800 numbers. My pone records PROVE this. They have an F rating with the BBB. I am filing a complaint here: http://myfloridalegal.com/pages.nsf/Main/60FD9BD8FA71A5B185256CD1005EE5C5 More...
    ddaawwnn's Picture   ddaawwnn    1 Comments   Comments
  • Florida Shuttle Transportation owes me $

    Feb 2, I was supposed to take a Florida Shuttle from Orlando Airport to Vero Beach for a meeting. The shuttle was delayed and the dispatcher, Pete, told me to rent a car and that Florida Shuttle would reimburse me for the expense. I have called many times and sent an email but have not received the reimbursement. It is now over 2 months later and I am angry about this. I will not give up!!! You did not even credit the shuttle ride to my credit card and you kept the money for a ride that I never took. You need to reimburse me for $91.03 for the rental car. I have not received... More...
    patlevis's Picture   patlevis    1 Comments   Comments
  • fraud

    I had a reservation with Florida Shuttle Transportation yesterday, Feb 18 2012 to take me from Ft. Lauderdale to Vero Beach. The shuttle was supposed to leave at 6pm. At 5:30, I recieve a phone call from a guy named "Steve" ....laughing, saying " SORRY SIR! THERE IS NO 6PM SHUTTLE! MAYBE I'LL HELP YOU OUT LATER!" Then he hangs up, and their phone number: 321-250-2820 goes to automatic voicemail. There was never a shuttle scheduled to operate, even though they sold me the fare on their website" www.floridashuttletransportation.com. This company is unsavory. More...
    jwhite's Picture   jwhite    0 Comments   Comments
  • Late Pick-Up

    I am very dissappointed with the service of Florida Shuttle Transportation. The pick-up from Orlando to Miami Port went well. I trip back was a dissaster. I paid for a roundtrip pick-up. We come off the ship no later than 10am and there is no shuttle. I get a voicemail message stating that the van broke down that was suppose to pick us up and another one would be on the way in 2 1/2 hours. About 15 minutes later a get a call from some lady that never identified herself other than she was calling to let me know that a shuttle was here to pick us up. Never did she say that she was taken us... More...
    msrevis's Picture   msrevis    0 Comments   Comments
  • Beware

    We called Florida shuttle transportation and reserved service from Tampa to Miami and back. At first everything was fine until the day arrived. First, the shuttle was a no show. After several calls and me yelling the company ask me to call a different company to see if they can take us, which was very unprofessional. Returning was even worse. First, the shuttle was late, then the AC wasn't working correctly, the van was dirty and had gargage on the floor. We all didn't fit due to we needed to make room for the laggages. There was no trailer. When I called the company... More...
    Travels's Picture   Travels    1 Comments   Comments

Florida Shuttle Transportation Reviews By Product

Florida Shuttle Transportation Comments

deinemuse says: (4 years ago)
We booked a round trip from Sarasota to Ft. Lauderdale. We were left stranded in Sarasota with no pick up. They claimed they driver was there and he was not and we showed up 15 minutes prior to the timed pick up. Luckily, we found another service and were told this was typical of this company.

On the way back we made sure to call dispatch and we were told if we were not there by 11:45AM (our designated time) they would not wait and would leave. We were stuck in customs and got out at 11:42AM and I ran to the shuttle, which I saw shutting doors and the driving going to leave without us. He had no idea how many people were supposed to be in the shuttle. My mother had no time to go to the bathroom and we were crammed into a van that was too small for the amount of people. There was no enough seat belts for everyone and luggage crammed up to the ceiling. We finally made a stop after 1.5 hours and were not allowed a bathroom break. My poor mother was in a panic along with some other passengers.

It was the worst service ever! And very dangerous!

Renatabenja says: (6 years ago)
Thank you Florida shuttle. If it hadnt been for you I wouldn't of had the amazing trip I had. Thanks a lot! To the driver Armando thank you for being courteous and caring!

taxi13 says: (6 years ago)
Terrible service and a wack job man. He insulted me over the phone because he didn't call him when we landed and said he would have to charge us an extra 20 bucks for the inconvenience of our plane being late, etc. He took us 40 miles out of our way and I had to find other tranportation for my son who was coming into Tampa airport 6 hours late!! He was rude and very unprofessional!!!!!

taxi13 says: (6 years ago)
Do not use this guy for your transportation. He is pretty out there and VERY unprofessional. He should not be running a business like this. He took us 40 miles out of our way and had the nerve to tell us he was charging 20 dollars more for his inconvenience since our plane was delayed and our son wasn't even there yet when he called me. Terrible!!!!!

1alonso says: (6 years ago)
I schedule a trip to the airport in Orlando with THIS company, booked it and paid for it with a week in advance. tHEY finally sent me 24 hours before departure that would not have a 10 am service but at 2 pm instead. That would not work for me so I did not used THEIR service. I had lots of problems to find a way to get there so much close to departure so I had to take a taxi cab for a whole more money that I was not expecting to spend. Called them and said... sorry for the inconvenience no refunds... so according to them it was my fault... can you believe that? I regret did not paid attention to all reviews about this company... but if you book with them expect 80% of probabilities you will loose your flight.

cemhorada says: (7 years ago)
It's 9.30 am. Still waiting for the shuttle scheduled for 8:45am. It never sowed up. Nobody called. Nobody is picking up the phone. I will miss my plane becasse of the. They owe me more than money. I am having a nervous breakdown right now. Nobody ever use these people. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda01 says: (7 years ago)
GREAT Service! Simply the best I have received in a long time. I have taken Greyhound and others not to mention them; but the level of service received was extraordinary. Im so very happy :)

jwhite says: (7 years ago)
I had a reservation yesterday from Ft. Lauderdale to Vero Beach, at 6pm Feb 18, 2012. The dispatcher calls me at 5pm, telling me "SIR, SORRY. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO TELL YOU! THERE IS NO 6PM SHUTTLE!GOODBYE!". I try to call them back at 321-250-2820. The phone goes to automatic voicemail. I was stranded, and they are not picking up the phone. This company is unsavory.

jwhite says: (7 years ago)
This company left me stranded in Ft.Lauderdale yesterday, and never picked me up! There was supposed to be a shuttle from Ft.Lauderdale to Vero Beach at 6pm, from the Southwest Terminal on Sat. Feb 18. A dispatcher calls me at 5pm, saying that there IS no shuttle. I ask for a supervisor, and he says "There is no supervisor! I'm your supervisor!" I ask for his name, he first says "Oh yeah, Vince!" I ask for an address where they are located, and he says" I dunno, try a P.O. Box!" He laughs, then I ask for his name again and he says "Oh Yeah, Steve". There was never a shuttle to begin with, this company is unsavory, they have no address listed on their website, and it is a scam.

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